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My ethos behind my training may differ from other personal trainers. I believe ever client should have a thorough physical and mental assessment prior to any physical planning and exercise. The benefits from regular exercise can be exceptionally rewarding only if you have been correctly assessed first by a qualified professional.

My assessment first consists of an informal chat and consultation first finding out about a client’s lifestyle. Work hours, comments, children, time for your self.

Too many people want a very quick fix to there problems and to be honest there instant one. There are a lot of things to look closely at first; Age, type of job, activities, sedentary lifestyles, little to no physical activity.

This is why it is so important to have a consultation first. Most of us due to work stress and bad lifestyle choices lead our bodies into change, we inhabit bad habits, our posture changes and our muscles become lazy and unbalanced. This can lead to postural distortion patterns. Some muscles start to compensate for weaker muscles working them much harder than other muscles, the muscle over worked become tighter and more prone to injury. So you can start to see how this can lead you into the injury cycle pattern.

Corrective exercise is a way of identifying where the unbalance or distortion patterns are and treating that problem with the right kind of exercise, by way of stretching and strengthening the problem area. Our bodies are like finely tuned engines, every working part of us moving together, finely balanced and we need to be morn mindful of that to understand how important it is for optimal performance. If not and you have very tight muscles and if you do nothing, then this could very well lead you into postural distortion patterns and the Injury cycle.

  • What stage of readiness are you at?

  • Mentally are you ready for change?

  • Physically are you ready for change?

Like a change of diet, this is the same thing but bringing exercises into your routine, improving your lifestyle and wellbeing. It’s not easy bringing something new into your routine. It will take time and lots of support and encouragement to secede, so having the right information is crucial. But with the right mental approach the physical approach will follow.

 Free Consulation

I offer a free consultation to discuss exercise and fitness and the gains it can make to you just by making some small changes to your life style. How important is that?

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